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12 th European Arts Therapies Conference

12th European Arts Therapies Conference

11-14 September 2013, Paris, France
Through the Looking Glass: Dimensions of Reflection in the Arts Therapies
A travers le mirroir: Réflexions sur l'effet miroir dans les arts thérapies

Call For Papers Final Reminder
The selection process will commence on the 6th November for the ECArTE Conference 2013.

Conference Setting
The conference will be held in Paris – ‘La Ville-Lumière’ – without doubt one of the most beautiful and much-loved cities of the world. ECArTE has long hoped to be able to hold one of its international conferences in this lively cosmopolitan capital.
This year would seem a particularly appropriate one for our Parisian conference, since it coincides with the recent launch, at Sorbonne Paris Cité, of four new Masters programmes (Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Dramatherapy, Music Therapy) and a research option leading to a doctorate in arts therapy.
The Conference Directors invite you to submit proposals for papers, workshops, posters or performances on the conference theme.
We will welcome your proposals until 5th November 2012.
Please follow the links below to the new ECArTE website where you can complete and submit your proposal.
The first stage of the selection process will take place during November, the second stage in December 2012.
Conference Theme
Through the Looking Glass: Dimensions of Reflection in the Arts Therapies
A travers le mirroir: Réflexions sur l'effet miroir dans les arts thérapies
This theme responds to an ongoing quest for accountability as practitioners, educators and academics in the field of arts therapies. The Conference invites participants from across the world to engage in analysis, debate and practical exploration of our understanding of critical reflective practice, in order to extend our body of knowledge, methods and approaches in professional practice, research and education.
What, then, are the dimensions of reflection and their scope within our disciplines? Schön encourages us to think in action and to embrace a model of reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action. Thompson and Thompson more recently present reflective practice as a three-dimensional entity, integrating cognitive, affective and value-based aspects of reflection. Etherington promotes reflexivity and the recognition of the self in research and practice. Research also brings into question the role of the group and the individual in processes of reflection and the process of reflection through artistic mediation as discussed by Lecourt (2008) and Brun (2011).
These approaches, together and separately, raise interesting and vital questions for the arts therapist: How do we develop self-awareness, reflection and critical thinking to enrich our practice in an explicit way? How do we render an account of our practice, informed by intelligent feeling? How might we foster attunement to different dimensions of reflective practice? What is the role of creativity and the image in critical reflective practice? How do we employ critical reflective practice pedagogically in teaching the arts therapies? What bearing do different dimensions of reflection have on research and research methodologies? How does an awareness of cultural diversity enrich approaches and perspectives on reflective practice? Our theme will allow us to engage with these questions through keynote addresses, lectures, workshops and professional exchange and inter-action.
This Conference will encourage delegates to become increasingly accountable in their work; to open up the theories and practices of reflective arts therapy to the scrutiny of others; to sharpen the evidence-base of our discipline. Our aim is to inspire and challenge academics, practitioners, educators and students to mine and search dimensions of reflection as we move towards more informed, creative and mindful approaches in the profession. Expect a lively carnival of surprising encounters, passionate debate and memorable moments!


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